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In the turn of the 20th century, there was a big  increase in the population of Paola and the need to build a government primary school became evident.  In 1930  a school started to be built in the area known as ‘Tal-Borġ’.  A sum of Lm18. 000 was allotted to this project and the school was officially inaugurated on 20th September 1934.  After the Second World War the first floor was added to the school.  On 11th September 1996 the school was named for Ġużeppi Agius, who was a pharmacist and a philanthropist.  The school now forms part of San Gorg Preca College.

Some general information about the school today.

At present the school is categorized as Paola Primary ‘B’ because it holds classes from Yr.4 to Yr.6.

It has about 13 classes with about 240 pupils attending.

Our school encourages the maximum use of IT as a tool for teaching and learning. The introduction of the interactive whiteboards and  the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) also known as Fronter is a decisive move in this regard.

The school is also committed to the use of IT as a tool for communication among its staff members, parents, students and with the wider community.The launching and mantainment of this website is enough prove in itself.

The school encourages the teaching of the creative arts.  Every Wednesday afternoon is dedicated to a midweek creativity project where children experience the use of various media such as different paints and clay to create paintings, models and collages.  Students are encouraged to reuse materials as much as possible during these sessions.

Three creativity days are held during the year (December, March, May) so that all students will have the opportunity to take part in a singing, dancing or drama presentation. These shows are performed before students and parents.

Other activities encouraging creativity include the science and technology tournament, creative writing club and the participation in various competitions during the scholastic year.  Lately we have experienced an increasing interest in cooking activities of sweets and savouries.  All children show enthusiasm which is very encouraging  both for the children and the teachers themselves.  These activities surely help to relate better school life with the world outside therefore making education more relevant and appealing.

The school adheres to  an ‘open door policy‘  and  parents or custodians can come to school and hold a meeting with the administration or the class teacher when the need arises without  any prior appointment.
An introductory  meeting  is held annually at the start of the scholastic year for all parents. They are addressed by the  head of school and by the class teacher. The aim of this meeting is to explain the school’s policies and to outline what is expected from the parents.

A parents’ evening is held in November.  During this evening parents have a short meeting with the class teacher to discuss any difficulties that have come up during the first two months of the new scholastic year  and other possible issues that might  arise and  need to be addressed during the scholastic year.

A parents’ day is held after the half yearly exams. During this day the teachers discuss with the parents, the academic progress of the students and their holistic development.

The school adopts a’ no-blame approach’ in dealing with  misbehaviour and with cases of bullying.   As much as possible, the emphasis  is on positive reinforcement of good behaviour.   If sanctions have to be given for bad behaviour, these must be in line with the college code of discipline and should be appropriate and  within a framework of mutual respect and tolerance.


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  1. Carmen Micallef (Karen's mother) and also obo Subculture Animal Friends

    we have a good school

  2. jien naqbek ma edera

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