Our Mission

This school is a community
which promotes learning and self-esteem through
the celebration of achievement,
within a stimulating and caring environment
that enables all its members to realise their full potential
as responsible members of the larger community.

St.George Preca College, Primary 'B', Paola aims* to: 

provide a happy and caring environment
that empowers and supports all the members of our school community
to attain their full potential;

enable students to develop enquiring minds
that question investigate, express feelings, solve problems, handle information,
design solutions and utilise different technologies;

encourage students to care for the world around them
and live in a healthy and safe way;

develop skills and attitudes that promote achievement
in learning, creativity and innovation;

develop in our students personal and social values
to become colloborative, participative and self-motivated citizens;

celebrate diversity
while implementing inclusion and equality of entitlement
in the widest possible terms, while treating members of the school community
as valued individuals.

*School aims updated 31st May, 2006

2 responses to “Our Mission

  1. SCHOOL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with ameera

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